Friday, 29 October 2010

Our land: for ever, for everyone

In a new report the National Trust explain how managing our land can help address many of the serious challenges facing the UK. The report highlights 7 major 'functions' of land
  • space for development
  • production (food timber, renewable energy)
  • water cycling
  • carbon storage
  • biodiversity
  • landscape and cultural history
  • recreation and inspiration
The report also contains various case studies from around the country (including the Lizard, Holnicote and Lytes Cary from this Region).

The report concludes with 6 major recommendations to government
  • reconnect people and land
  • think big, act locally
  • develop environmental markets
  • continue agricultural policy reform
  • invest in research and advice to land managers
  • encourage carbon-friendly management
You can download a copy of the report here

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